Waldemar Ager:  A Chronology

taken from "Imigrant Idealist: A Literary Biography of Waldemar Ager, Norwegian American"
by Einar Haugen
1869 Born March 23, Fredrikstad, Norway, to Martinius Mathisen Ager of Eidsberg and Fredrikke Marie Johnsdatter Stillaugsen, known as Mathea, of Fredrikstad.
1871 Family moves to Græsvig (now Gressvik), across the Glommen (now Glåma) river from Fredrikstad.
1873 Enters school at age four and a half.
1882 Family having moved to Christiania (Oslo), Waldemar leaves school at age thirteen to find employment.
1883 Father Martinius emigrates to America to settle in Chicago as a custom tailor.
1885 Mother Mathea and three children emigrate to Chicago; Waldemar begins as apprentice printer at Norden, a Norwegian-American weekly newspaper.
1887 Joins the Harmony Total Abstinence Society, becomes its secretary.
1891 Becomes editor of Templarbladet, a four-page temperance monthly published in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Becomes a naturalized citizen of the United States.
1892 Moves to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, to work as a printer in the office of Reform, a weekly Norwegian newspaper advocating temperance and prohibition.
1894 Paa drikkeondets konto: Fortallinger og vers published in Eau Claire at Reform's printshop. Father Martinius dies in Chicago and is buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery. Mother moves to Eau Claire.
1896 Promoted to business manager and co-editor of Reform.
1899 Marries Gurolle Blestren from Tromsø; wedding trip to New Orleans. I strømmen, en fortælling published in Eau Claire.
1900 First visit to Norway since emigration.
1901 Afholdssmuler fra boghylden published in Eau Claire.
1903 Becomes editor of Reform.
1905 Starts and edits Kvartalskrift, journal of Det Norske Selskab i Amerika.
1906 Fortællinger for Eyvind published in Eau Claire.
1907 When You are Tired of Playing: Stories for Eyvind translated by J. J. Skørdalsvold and published in Eau Claire.
1908 Becomes a member of the Eau Claire Public Library Board. Hverdagsfolk, short stories, published in Eau Claire. 
1910 Kristus for Pilatus. En norsk-amerikansk fortælling published in Eau Claire.
1911 Presten Conrad Walther Welde, Norwegian title of Kristus for Pilatus, published in Christiania by Aschehoug publishers.
1912 First Eau Claire citizen to appear in Who's Who in America.
1913 Mother Mathea dies in Chicago and is buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery.
1914 Second visit to Norway: director of Wisconsin exhibit at Constitution Centennial, Christiania. Edits Afholdsfolkets festskrift, published in Eau Claire. 
1915 Edits Norge i Amerika, a reader, with G. Bothne, published in Christiania by Dybwad publishers.
1916 Fortællinger og skisser published in Eau Claire. Oberst Heg og hans gutter published in Eau Claire.
1917 Paa veien til smeltepotten, a novel, published in Eau Claire.
1918 Udvalgte fortællinger published in Minneapolis by Holter publishers.
1919 Fiftieth birthday, honored by friends with a gift of a thousand dollars; buys cottage on Lake Chetek.
1921 Ny samling. Fortællinger og skisser published in Eau Claire.
1923 Awarded Order of St. Olaf by King Haakon of Norway. Det vældige navn. Et drømmebillede fra verdenskrigen published in Eau Claire.
1924 Christ before Pilate: An American Story published in Minneapolis by Augsburg Publishing House.
1926 Gamlelandets sønner, a novel, published in Oslo by Aschehoug publishers.
1929 Receives honorary Doctor of Letters (Litt. D.) from St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota. Hundeøine, a novel, published in Oslo by Aschehoug publishers. 
1930 Underforvandlingens tegn. Fortallinger og saadant published in Eau Claire.
1931 I Sit Alone, translation of Hundeøine by Charles Wharton Stork, published in New York by Harper's.
1934 Third and last visit to Norway, lecture tour sponsored by Nordmanns Forbundet, with daughter Valborg.
1938 Skyldfolk og andre, short stories, published in Eau Claire.
1939 Receives St. Olaf medal from King Haakon.
1941 Dies August 1, and is buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Eau Claire.