Early Photos of Ager House

Eight Photos
Picture 1 of Old Ager House
Ager's study

Picture 2 of Old Ager House
Ager house ca. 1903, with the Agers' eldest son, Eyvind, sitting on the porch. The house had been built in the late 19th century by noted carpenter Brady Anderson. Note the extra trim on the peak of the roof. Originally, the house stood at the corners of Chestnut and Whipple streets in Eau Claire, on the shores of the oxbow Half Moon Lake, and across the street from Luther Hospital, which would be completed in 1907. Ager was instrumental in getting the hospital built. 

Picture 3 of Old Ager House
Gurolle, Gudrun, Eyvind Ager

Picture 4 of Old Ager House
Exterior, dining room window (1914):  Gurolle, Magne, Valborg, Solveig, Roald in carriage  

Picture 5 of Old Ager House
Parlor (1940):  Valborg by Christmas tree 

Picture 6 of Old Ager House
Gurolle Blestren Ager, ca. 1940s. Mrs. Ager reads the newspaper in the study of the Ager House. 

Picture 7 of Old Ager House
Painting the Ager House, 1940s 

Picture 8 of Old Ager House
In the Ager house dining room, l. to r.: Eyvind Ager, Inga Pederson Ager, Gurolle Blestren Ager, Borgny Ager, Waldemar Ager II, Frederik Ager. The photo was snapped in 1949, two years before the elder Mrs. Ager's death.