Facilities Available at the Ager Resource Library

On the second floor of Eau Claire's historic Ager House

In June 2008, members of the Ager Association completed work on the restoration of the upper floor of the Ager House and opened the new library of resources. The library is designed to bring together materials otherwise difficult to find and/or not accessible in one place. The information represents two major areas:

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Waldemar Ager's life and work
  • Newspapers and other publications edited or printed by Waldemar Ager
  • Books and other materials written, edited or printed by Ager 
  • Books and other artifacts that tell something about Ager's life 
  • Books and materials written by Ager's contemporaries, especially:
    • Writers Ager knew personally
    • Writers Ager enjoyed reading
    • Norwegian-American and/or Norwegian writers
Relevant immigrant materials
  • Describing the lives of immigrant groups and individuals new to the Chippewa Valley, including song books, prayer books, recipe books, children's books, and so on.
  • Providing historical, statistical and other information about immigrant groups in the Chippewa Valley
  • Providing information and resources about the "mother tongue" languages of groups who emigrated to the area
  • Having information readily available to anyone doing genealogical research

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Welcome to the Resource Library!

The Resource Library is located on the second floor of the Ager House and is available for use by Ager Association members and the general public. Those doing research on Waldemar Ager will find a wealth of resources, including copies of the books that he authored, his many speeches, articles about him, photographs, and original bound issues of the Reform, the newspaper for which he was the editor.

In addition, library holdings include the volumes of essays published by the Norwegian-American Historical Association, biographies of many famous (and some not-so-famous) Norwegians and Norwegian-Americans, collected writings (in Norwegian and in English) of Bjørnsterne Bjørnsen, Henrik Ibsen, Sigrid Undset, Ole Rolvaag, Henrik Wergeland, and many others.

Materials related to Scandinavian emigration and immigration have been added, along with genealogical resources such as the three volume set “Norwegians in America” by Martin Ulvestad. These will prove very helpful for those working on family histories. Other areas of interest include the Occupation of Norway during World War II, Norse mythology and Viking history, the Birkebeiner history, travel sites in Scandinavaia, language resources, and folk arts.

A special section for children has been developed which includes books in English, Norwegian, and Swedish. These materials will be enjoyable for children visiting the Ager House and also for those who are enrolled in the summer camp program at the house.

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