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Home of the Waldemar Ager Association, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
The Restored Ager House
The Restored Ager House
514 W. Madison Street
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The Waldemar Ager Association was formed in 1993 to save the Ager family home, which Waldemar Ager purchased in 1903. There, he and his wife, Gurolle, raised nine children, and in the study of this house, Ager wrote all seven of his novels. In addition to those seven novels, Ager published several collections of short stories about the lives and culture of Norwegians in America. Along with writing fiction, Ager published a Norwegian language weekly,  Reform, and traveled throughout the United States speaking in support of prohibition and of the preservation of Norwegian culture and language in America.

In 1962, Luther Hospital bought the Ager home, and its auxiliary group housed the Red Carpet resale shop there. In 1993, when Luther Hospital needed the space to expand its complex, it donated the house to the Waldemar Ager Association and then moved the home from its original spot on Chestnut Street to its current location at 514 W. Madison Street. Since that time, dedicated volunteers have restored the house to its early-1900's likeness.

The Ager House has been included on the National Register of Historic Places and also recognized as a Literary Landmark by the National Association of Friends of Public Libraries.

Our Goals:
  • To preserve and study the works of Waldemar Ager.
  • To preserve and study the contributions made by other immigrants in the Chippewa Valley.
  • To restore and preserve the Ager home as a representative of the 1890's Victorian-era cottage in Eau Claire.
  • To provide a meeting and study center for those interested in the work of Chippewa Valley immigrants.