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Waldemar Ager's obituary (1941)

The Reform

Published in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, The Reform is a significant Norwegian language newspaper that circulated throughout the Upper Midwest in the early 20th century. Today, you can view a digitized version of this paper online through a partnership with McIntyre Library at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. The online collection contains about 2,400 issues spanning from 1896 to 1941. For many of those years, Waldemar Ager published and edited the newspaper. The online version is searchable, but this is limited by the Fraktur script.

Ager's Novels and Other Works


Story collections

  • Paa Drikkeondets Konto: Fortællinger og Vers (1894)
  • Afholdsmuller fra Boghylden (1901) (Abstinence Crumbs from the Bookshelf, a collection of essays)
  • Fortællinger for Eyvind (1906)
    (Digitized on-line at the Hathi Trust digital library)
    Translation by J.J. Skordalsvold published in 1907 as "When You Are Tired of Playing: Stories for Eyvind"
    (Translation Digitized on-line at the Hathi Trust digital library)
  • Hverdagsfolk (1908) (Everyday People)
  • Fortællinger og Skisser (1916) (Stories and Sketches)
    (Digitized on-line at the Hathi Trust digital library)
  • Udvalgte Fortællinger (1918)(Selected Stories)
    (Digitized on-line at the Hathi Trust digital library)
  • Ny Samling. Fortællinger og Skisser (1921)
  • Under Forvandlingens Tegn. Fortællinger og Saadant (1930)(Under the Sign of Change)
  • Skyldfolk og Andre (1938)
    Translation by Hildur Nicolai published in 1982 as "The White Cross in the Woods"